Microfinance involves extending small loans, savings and other basic financial services to people that don’t currently have access to capital. It’s a key strategy in helping people living in poverty to become financially independent, which helps them become more resilient and better able to provide for their families in times of economic difficulty.

Complete Retail and Wholesale Software of Microfinance. It is suitable software for Purchase/Billing, Inventory & Accounts Functionalities. It is available in two Editions such as Retail Edition and Whole Sale Edition. It is a standard application with fully loaded features and functionalities.

Benefits of Microfinance software:

  • This software will reduce the work load of HR, employees of the company and other staff also.
  • Give you and your HR employee’s time for other works
  • More accurate Payroll Tax Records.
  • More Organized Record Keeping.
  • Flexibility for Payroll Changes.
  • Maintain Leave and Attendance Report.
  • Accurate Salary Reports.
  • It provides Security of Data and Right Management.
  • Increase efficiency of Payroll Process.

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