EMI Software

EMI Software

A Finance Software is used by various companies to govern their expenses, assets, income and much more. It ensures sustainability and helps maximize profits. You can look for Software for Private Finance to face the challenge of managing finance.

EMI Collections is a web based solution offering the staff or agents of the financial institution with a robust tool for tracking, collecting Loan EMI’s and maintaining records of the customers real-time on the field.

  • It helps improve short/long term business performances by bill collection and streamlining invoicing
  • It eliminates accounting mistakes or errors
  • It minimizes record keeping redundancy
  • It ensures compliance with accounting and tax regulations
  • It helps personal to quantify budget plan
  • It offers expandability and flexibility to accommodate growth or any change
  • Ease of Operation: Agents can handle the complete end to end process of collections on the field considerably reducing the time and cost for the operation.

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